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I Have High Regard, Full Respect For President Buhari, Tinubu Makes U-Turn

I Have High Regard, Full Respect For President Buhari, Tinubu Makes U-Turn



I Have High Regard, Full Respect For President Buhari, Tinubu Makes U-Turn

The former Lagos State governor and a presidential aspirant on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC) Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has said he holds President Muhammadu Buhari in high regard.

responses had traced Mr Tinubu’s commentary in Abeokuta on Thursday where he said he deserves to lead the nation after helping President Buhari win the 2015 election.

In a statement on Friday, Tinubu said his commentary weren’t meant to discourteousness the President and had been taken out of environment.

He said responses suggesting he’d been discourteous were sensational and incorrect.

Full Details Of Tinubu Statement


We’ve entered the meat of primary season. Sensationalism and wilful trip tend to push away verity during similar moments. I make this statement so that verity and delicacy may have a chance.

It’s important that people truly know what I said and where I stand. Whatever view you have of me is within your right to make. But let it be grounded on verity and not on falsehood or reckless magnification.

There have been gross misconstructions in some sections of the media regarding commentary I made on Thursday in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

To a degree, the incorrect interpretations may be kindly
innocent given that I spoke in Yoruba.

Those who don’t understand the nuances of this plushly concentrated and subtly language may have inadvertently yet inaptly missed the true meaning of what I said while trying to restate my statement.

rather of importing what I said precisely, they restated so snappily and therefore incorrectly in an attempt to meet media deadlines.

Of course, there are also those who knew better but they conveyed these inaccuracies because the sensationalism suits their political purposes.

Again, similar propaganda and misinformation becomes diurnal chow in the heat of the political season. Let’s just state what needs to be stated.

My opponents want to present a narrative that I made commentary discourteous of President Muhammadu Buhari in expedients that such a narrative would move President Buhari to oppose my bournes regarding the approaching primary.

President Buhari is an educated and accomplished leader. I don’t believe he’ll be taken by the tricks of similar people.

Let me also abolish any mistrustfulness. My respect and regard for President Buhari as Commander- in- Chief of this nation and as a person are high and unerring.

I shall noway denigrate him. I clearly didn’t do so in Abeokuta. We’ve been political mates for a long time and I hope that cooperation continues well into the future.

I would do nothing to peril it. I believe our party is the stylish stopgap for the nation to right itself. I believe I’ve a unborn part larger than the bone, I now have.

I also believe President Buhari has a continuing and important part to play indeed after his term as chairman is over. Indeed, I constantly supported the chairman and his administration.

Indeed when the administration has come under violent review, my bases have always been planted solidly in defence of the chairman.

The chairman tête-à-tête nominated me to coordinate hisre-election crusade in 2019. He did this not because I opposed him or because I was indifferent.

He did so, because I was forcefully with him in 2015 and has stood forcefully beside him ever ago.

When I intimately blazoned my aspiration to seek the party nomination for the forthcoming presidential election, I stressed that my strategic ideal was to make on the foundation laid by the Buhari administration.

In fact, I believe I was the first applicant to inform President Buhari of his presidential intention. It was a sign of the respect I’ve for him and his office.

It’s unbelievable that I would calumniate the leader of the party for which I hope to be the coming flag deliverer. It makes no sense at all to do such an brash, indecorous thing.

In Abeokuta, I spoke to the unwarranted attacks against my person that have been part of the crusade of others.

I also reported the history of the party for those whose recollections need form. There are numerous who had no part in the birth of the APC and in its numerous palms.

Now that the party has climbed the political peak, they want to claim credit for commodity they had no part in. still, this can not be said of President Buhari.

I’m proud of my part in the arrival of the APC and its electoral successes. But President Buhari, of course, stands as the main motorist of this success. He was tagged chairman doubly.

He has borne the weight of public governance for seven times. Nothing can compete that. I would not dare belittle what he has done and what he has meant to the party and nation.

President Buhari is a Nigerian loyalist, a man of integrity. These rates won him tremendous mass support leading to electoral palm in 2015 and 2019.

I’m proud to have been his mate in the political junction that came the APC and in making history by ousting an peremptory chairman for the first time in Nigeria.

I make no justifications for seeking the party’s nomination. I believe I’ve commodity important to offer Nigeria that the other applicants don’t have, although I see them as good and married Nigerians in their own right.

While I want this office, there are certain effects I’ll not do and certain lines I shall not cross. I shall noway belittle myself by denigrating the chairman or his office. I dare not seek an office and discourteousness it at the same time.

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2023: Without Me, Buhari Won’t Be Nigeria President – Tinubu

My aspiration to be President of Nigeria is grounded on my want to serve the nation and not that I feel some particular annuity to high office. Governance of this nation is a sacred and solemn duty.

It’s neither to be given as a favour to someone who’s unqualified nor should people be motivated by particular reasons to help the most good person from attaining the office.

I Have High Regard, Full Respect For President Buhari, Tinubu Makes U-Turn

The good of over 200 million souls is at stake. Let us all realise this and act consequently, I only ask a position- playing ground for all applicants and an adherence to quested rules and due process.

still, I don’t crop as the party’s seeker, I shall have no complaints regarding an honest primary and will accept the fair outgrowth as a true egalitarian, If in the fairness of such a process.