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I am a bad girl” Nkechi Blessing speaks on being finance by politicians, sugar daddy



The Nigerian actress Nkechi Blessing has stressed that she is a bad girl but not as bad as some other people in her line of business.

Speaking just moments before at her mother’s one-year memorial service, the controversial actress denied rumors that a politician or sugar daddy was funding her, saying that she earned every penny of her money through her laborious efforts.

Despite being raised in a bar parlor, i turned out well, it is believed that bar parlor girls are bad…well, I might be bad but not that bad

I am bad and good, regardless of what you hear about me from the media, those who know me and are close to me know I am the best person you can have in your corner…

God punish any politician they say is sponsoring me, all I have is by my hard work…I may not be a billionaire yet but I am very comfortable

And I am not begging to eat, my mum is the sweetest woman I know and I will keep remembering her till I die

As you may remember, Nkechi Blessing wrote a emotional tribute to her mother in which she described how she had been working day and night to make sure her mother did not beg for food.

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Actress Nkechi Blessing laments, say “I hope my son doesn’t forget my face

Nkechi Blessing claimed in a post on her Instagram page that she would have begged the entire world for assistance if doctors had asked for money to keep her mother alive.

But her mother’s only symptoms were stomach problems, and then she passed away. Nkechi Bless questioned how she would face the world with her mother because she is still trying to forget the tragic event.

Nkechi Blessing

Nkechi Blessing claimed that she had constructed a home as a surprise birthday present for her mother, but regrettably she had departed without seeing it.

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