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How Arsenal is benefiting from the signing’s of Gabriel Jesus, Zinchenko



Prior to the start of the season, speaking with a Premier League manager about Arsenal was instructive.

When told that Mikel Arteta had purchased Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko, two mediocre Manchester City understudies, he responded, “Yes, but he has also bought a slice of City’s attitude and that is the cunning bit.”

Considering this as Arsenal unpicked Bournemouth seemed alluring. Additionally, the current Premier League leaders defeated Crystal Palace on their home. Not bad for a team that lost at Brentford to start the previous season.

It is too soon to tell if Arteta has implemented the long-term improvements required in the wake of a poor season finale.

However, there are indications that the current Arsenal squad is more cohesive and determined than the one that traveled to Newcastle for a crucial game in May and disintegrated there.

Character, and more specifically the lack of it, has been a recurring problem at Arsenal since Arsene Wenger’s final years as manager. Mesut Ozil is an example of a wastrel that Wenger indulged, which led to his team’s downward trajectory.

Arteta was hired to change that, and it’s intriguing that, after seeking for the necessary mental toughness for his team for two and a half years, he’s now gone out and found it.

Zinchenko and Jesus together cost something around £75 million. That is a lot for two guys who were never regularly starters for City.

However, it’s possible that Arteta believed he was investing in something more fundamental than talent in elite footballers: mentality.

Arteta is familiar with the look and feel of a trophy-winning setup because he previously worked for Pep Guardiola at City.

Mikel Arteta

The Etihad Stadium has been exceptionally quiet during Guardiola’s tenure there, which is one of its best features.

Some members of the City team have long had tense, acrimonious ties with the Spaniard. One among them—and the reason Raheem Sterling is now at Chelsea—was that group.

But most importantly, none of that conflict was ever permitted to manifest itself in public or, even worse, to influence what City accomplished as a unit.

Any unease in Guardiola’s team has always been exploited as a further means of inspiring an individual or a group.

That has not happened at Arsenal. First off, everyone has always been aware of it. Second, it has too frequently threatened to destroy Arteta’s team.

To justify Arteta’s investment, Zinchenko and Jesus must succeed on the field. Jesus has started well and already scored two goals, but I have doubts about his capacity to score more than 20 goals in a season.

However, both entered Arsenal with knowledge of how the world operates. There may be a little bit too much of what the old Arsenal was like depicted in the Netflix documentary that is currently airing.

Some of it is better viewed while hiding your fingers. However, it does highlight the fundamental problems with the team Arteta inherited and the extent he went to to help stars like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang leave.

How Arsenal is benefiting from the signing's of Gabriel Jesus, Zinchenko
Mikel Arteta and Gabriel Jesus

Certain challenges still exist. For instance, Zinchenko is now playing left back in place of Kieran Tierney, one of Arsenal’s most formidable players.

The Scottish player, who was supposed to serve as club captain, is now not on the team. That is a circumstance that might escalate.

However, it is how a large club operates. Not everyone is content. The coach is disliked by some people. The machine’s wheels are still turning, and the engine continues to purr.

The two new players Arteta has signed are more familiar with that sound than most. Alli disregarded Mourinho’s advice.

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Pre-Season: Gabriel Jesus Calls Arsenal Team-Mate As ‘An Animal’

Although Jose Mourinho made several mistakes while at Tottenham, he was one of the first to notice Dele Alli’s spark fading.

I am 56 today, and yesterday I was 20,” Time flies, Mourinho tells his midfielder in a 2019–20 season Spurs documentary.

How Arsenal is benefiting from the signing's of Gabriel Jesus, Zinchenko

If you don’t achieve everything you are capable of, I believe that one day you will regret it. You ought to expect more from yourself. not by me expecting more of you. Not me. Nobody. You. I believe you ought to demand more of yourself.

The frightening aspect of the video is that Alli, one of England’s most talented footballers, sits there looking completely perplexed. It’s possible that the presence of a TV camera was making Alli uncomfortable.

Sincerely that time, Alli has strayed to Everton and currently appears to be traveling to Turkey. Who knows what his future holds? But the fire still appears to be unlit, at least from the outside. We can only hope for the best for him.

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