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High School senior makes history with 5.6 GPA, becomes first black valedictorian at his school



Timi Adelakun, a graduate of South Broward High School in Hollywood, Florida, made history by being the institution’s first African American valedictorian and by earning the highest GPA in school history – 5.6 GPA – in his final year.

It currently has a 5.6045. Adelakun told WSVN, “I think after graduation it’ll go a little bit higher, but that’s my number,” adding that “it’s good to know” that he made school history.

Adelakun said that he is grateful to his school for helping him maintain his stellar academic record.

He took advantage of the school’s American College of Education programs that allow students to receive college credits while in high school, AP courses, and Broward College courses.

“I’ve been taking over 20 college courses worth of credit, and because of that, my AP credits, my Ace credits, and my dual enrollment credits boost my GPA,” he said.

Aside from his academic achievements, he also makes time to enjoy his passion for theater.

He is a member of the drama club and the Thespian Honors Society where he has been doing shows and competition. He wanted to do both even in college.

Adelakun was accepted into 8 universities including the University of Miami, Columbia University, Julliard, UCLA, the University of Southern California, Berkeley, The University of Chicago, and Pomona College.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, he wasn’t able to tour the schools, so he had to decide which college to go to from his home.

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“I’ll be a student at Pomona College. I received a full scholarship from the institution, so my expenses will be paid if I enroll.

I choose that college since I can double major there and it is a liberal arts institution. I study theater and molecular biology, said Adelakun.

Adelakun is looking forward to what lies ahead for him, despite the fact that he was unable to attend the customary graduation ceremonies owing to the coronavirus outbreak.

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