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He can’t handle big players’- Aubameyang slam’s Arsenal boss, Mikel Arteta



Mikel Arteta, according to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, is incapable of managing “great players,” in a dig at the Arsenal manager.

When he played for the Gunners under Arteta, Aubameyang, who transferred to Chelsea during the summer transfer window, famously quarreled with him.

The attacker scored 92 goals in 163 games over the course of four years in north London.

This includes little over two years under Arteta’s leadership, but the Spaniard’s last months at the club took a bad turn when he removed Aubameyang as captain owing to several conduct difficulties.

The fall-out was irreconcillable and the Gunners terminated the forward’s contract in February, greasing the wheels for a move to Barcelona.

And, reflecting on his Arsenal exit, Aubameyang took a swipe at Arteta’s management style. ‘I remember they [Barcelona] first called my father,’ Aubameyang told A Jewellers.

We knew the coach, Xavi, then he called me and said there is an opportunity because you have those problems with Arsenal, but if you come you will help us a lot, so I said, ‘okay’.


‘But to manage big characters or big players, he (Arteta) can’t deal with it. ‘He (Arteta) needs some young players, they don’t say anything, they listen.’

Aubameyang scored 13 goals in 24 appearances for Barcelona in his brief six-month stay there.

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Tuchel wants Aubameyang this summer to address Chelsea striker shortage

The Catalan giants wanted to move him along due to their well-publicized financial difficulties, and Chelsea was eager to add a striker.

During the summer, the 33-year-old went to the Blues. Graham Potter’s team has gotten off to a good start thanks to Aubameyang, who has two goals after four games.


On November 6, Chelsea will play Arsenal, and Aubameyang’s remarks regarding Arteta will only stoke the flames of what is sure to be a heated match.