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Give Me The Ticket, I’ve 11 million Votes Ready For PDP victory 2023 – Atiku

Give Me The Ticket, I’ve 11 million Votes Ready For PDP victory 2023 – Atiku Atiku; Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar Thursday in Abuja said he has over



Give Me The Ticket, I’ve 11 million Votes Ready For PDP victory 2023 – Atiku; Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar Thursday in Abuja said he has over 11 million ready votes to hoist the Peoples Democratic Party onto palm in coming time’s election if he emerges as its PDP Presidential ticket in May’s primary.

He also asked the party’s leadership to grant him the right of first turndown for the 2023 ticket.

Atiku said this to the PDP National Working Committee at the Wadata Plaza public secretariat when he formally acquaint the leadership with his decision to dispute for the presidential ticket ahead of the 2023 choices.

Making a case for his training, the presidential applicant said he formerly had 11 million sure votes to grant PDP the palm coming time and, thus, should be handed the ticket.

Atiku who prompted the NWC to insure the emergence of only the quality candidate promised to work for the degeneration of powers to the countries and unify the country if given the occasion.

According to him “Mr. Chairman and members of the National Working Committee, I ’m really not then to lecture you, I ’m just really then to inform you of my decision, to run again, and also to prompt you to give the right kind of leadership so that the good candidate can present.

“ And I dare sayMr. Chairman, I’m the good quality candidate. Under normal circumstancesMr. Chairman, this is a joe who formerly has 11 million votes in his kitty. And I suppose, as a party, you should give me the right of first turndown but we’re in a democracy.

All that I can prompt you to do is to make sure that the way you have started, you also conclude the way you have started by being veritably fair, veritably believable, giving every competitor the occasion to face the electorate.”

The Wazirin Adamawa added that when given the accreditation to run, he’d not be a Muhammadu-Buhari type of President.

He contended that a Buhari administration is unable of directing Ministries, Agencies, and Departments on what to do to squash the country’s security straits.

About two months agone, I was on a visit to Niger State and I decided to pay a courtesy call to the governor.

“ The governor told me, Sir, we’ve about 12 original governments, which are under the control of bandits. We do n’t know how to conduct choices in those original governments.

And I went to the President, I said,Mr. President, we need further bobbies and the President said how can I give you further bobbies when the inspector general of police and the police service commission is in court on who’ll retain bobbies?’

And that’s where we’re moment. We can not retain bobbies because the two agencies are in court and we’ve a chairman who can not bring beneath control his own heads of departments, not indeed ministers? he queried.

In his reflections, Ayu who cited his genial relationship with the former vice chairman pledged to work for all 17 presidential applicants and allow the delegates to decide the flagbearer.

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He said Let me admit the fact that you and I’ve been close musketeers for further than 30 times. We were crucial players in the Social Democratic Party and crucial players in the emergence of principal MKO Abiola. An election that was free and fair. From there we’ve been walking politically together.

So, you’re a presidential applicant moment. But I want people to know that you’re still my friend. I ca n’t deny you. I ’m saying this to make it clear to those who say,‘Oh, because of my particular relationship with you, as president, I ’ll work for you.

Give Me The Ticket, I've 11 million Votes Ready For PDP victory 2023 - Atiku

Vice President, I won’t work for you to secure the party ticket. But I’ll work for all the 17 applicants. It’s left to you to move the delegates of our party that you’re the good. You have to vend yourself, you have to work hard