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Georgia teen gets accepted into 50 colleges, receives $1 million in scholarship offers



Senior Makenzie Thompson attends Atlanta, Georgia Westlake High School. Honors student there, she participates in a variety of extracurricular activities.

Being the Senior Class President, a dance team co-captain, and devoting time outside of class to community service and work-based learning at a nearby veterinary clinic.

Makenzie recently attracted a lot of attention when her college acceptance letters started to arrive. She has earned $1.3 million in scholarship offers and has received acceptance letters from nearly 50 institutions.

Delaware State has $64,000, and Xavier has $100,000. Full tuition and books at Tuskegee. Wingate has $128,000 as well. I currently have 48, so.

I have 49 acceptances but we ran out of room,” Makenzie exclaimed to reporters as she pointed to a list of schools she’s been accepted to and scholarship offers on the wall at Westlake.

Her parents say they are proud and extremely excited but not surprised because their daughter has always been focused and goal-oriented.

“She knew what she wanted. And she knew what it was going to take to get there, her father, Stephen Thompson said.


“We were ecstatic. I said oh my god. 1.3 million and they’re giving you this just based on paper,” her mother Jennifer Thompson added.

Makenzie said she too was overjoyed to see that all her hard work had paid off.

“When I reached a million, I thought it was sort of ridiculous. Like how nobody ever makes a million dollars in their lifetime.

I am incredibly proud of who I am. It has taken a while to happen. Many sleepless nights, she remarked.

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Makenzie is incredibly motivated, according to Makenzie’s principal Jarvis Adams, and “all she does is for greatness and academics.”

The teenager was accepted to a number of prestigious schools, but she intends to enroll at Tuskegee University to study animal science.

Her community believes she will have no trouble accomplishing her ultimate ambition of becoming a veterinarian.