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Five friends buy their first investment property after saving $50 per week for two years



A 26-year-old Philadelphia entrepreneur named Najee Hannigan urged his friends and cousins to set away $50 per week so that they could all invest together in a significant project.

They had successfully saved up enough money over the course of two years to buy their first real estate property.

Go alone if you want to move quickly. Go together if you want to go far.

When Hannigan spoke to his two younger cousins, Meqai Herder and Ahmid Hill, both 23 years old, he was reminded of this African adage.

And his two 26-year-old longtime friends Tyree Harvey and Darius Jacobs discussed a business plan in an effort to also transform their life.

In 2017, Hannigan thought that it was a great idea for each of them to save $50 a week or $200 a month and the money they put together could be used to purchase an investment property.

“The most challenging part was getting them to understand that time is going to pass regardless, we can invest in [ourselves] or continue to let time pass us by,” Hannigan told Because of Them We Can.

Together, the group saved enough money within two years and they have recently bought their first property which they plan to restore before renting it out.

They have also established a property management company with hopes to acquire more properties in the future.

Hannigan, who is also a founder and co-owner of the childcare center Extraordinary Scholars Academy, was thankful that his friends trusted him fully despite their doubt at first.

He believes trust is the foundation that made their plan to fruition.

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Do your research, and never give up. Avoid pointless arguments and always consider the big picture.

You can position yourself to have something for the rest of your life by giving up something for a year or two, like cable or clothing.

As for the five friends, they always think of what could happen if they would stop with what they have already started and used it as motivation.

We were aware that if we gave up at any point, we would become trapped, just like everyone else.

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