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FedEx makes history, appoints first ever Black woman CEO



The newest CEO of FedEx, Ramona Hood, is the first Black woman to hold that position in the organization’s history.

Hood has specifically been promoted to the positions of President and CEO of FedEx Custom Critical, which offers same-day and overnight delivery of expedited freight.

Hood previously served as the company’s Vice President of operations, strategy, and planning.

She began working for the company, which was then known as Roberts Express, in 1991 as a receptionist.

She has always had outstanding leadership potential and over the years, she has been assigned numerous tasks in operations, safety, sales, and other areas.

Along the way, she admitted having been “pretty intentional and purposeful with gaining experience” in the company.

Over time, Hood began offering innovative and strategic ideas that distinguished her from her peers.

For example, she was the one who initiated the program that allows FedEx Custom Critical employees to work from home in the early 2000s.

She said, “At that time, it was not common to have call centers where you would have individuals working from home.

I looked at our processes and the technology that we had, and I realized nothing was preventing us from that.”

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Hood has climbed up the ladder of success from heading subsidiary FedEx Truckload Brokerage before moving to an officer position at FedEx Supply Chain in 2016.

Then, after working as a receptionist there for many years, she went back to FedEx Custom Critical to take a position as an executive.

She has worked for FedEx for more than 28 years and has an Executive MBA from Case Western Reserve University and a Bachelor of Business Management from Walsh University.


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