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Fans warn Yul Edochie against marryng a third wife after sends N100k to a beautiful lady



After a nice fan helped him out and he returned the favor, some of Nollywood star Yul Edochie followers warned him against taking a third wife.

A screenshot of the actor’s interaction with the female fan, who was plainly worried that Yul Edochie suffered an accident, was posted by the actor.

She then transferred N1,000 from her widow’s mite to the actor’s account.

In a prompt reply, he acknowledged receiving N1,000 into his account and promptly reciprocated by depositing N100,000 into the fan’s account.

The actor described the incident in his blog post, saying: “A fan of mine heard I had an accident and begged me to email my account details so she’ll send me N1,000 so I can buy ice blocks to cool my head.

That’s all she can afford, of course. It sounded humorous, so I laughed. She sent me N1,000 after I had sent it. I was deeply moved by her act of generosity. by using what little she has.

If such a person had more, she will give much more. So I gave her N100,000. Cool her weekend down. You cannot wait to gain everything in life before you offer. From what little you have, give.

None of us will be here permanently.

His comment area has so far received some amusing responses to this.

@Brightsejay wrote: ‘None of us will be here forever’. This one touched me.”

@Pauldebest wrote: ‘You did well Yul. God will bless her with a good husband and everything because she has a good heart.: wrote: ‘Third wife loading….’

@Nibankana wrote: ‘We don’t want to hear she has become wife number three o…’

Edochie had a few days ago blasted those who despised his lifestyle.

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Yul Edochie’s Second Wife Judy Austin Takes On His Name

When the actor officially admitted to having an extramarital relationship with his colleague, Judy Austin and marrying her as his second wife, he became a notorious figure in many Nigerians’ Black Books.

He has since endured several criticisms both online and off.

The father of five turned to his Twitter page to vent his frustration after being unable to stand the hostility.

“It’s confirmed if my lifestyle, which doesn’t affect you, causes you pain, headaches, and restless nights.”