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Fans excited as Olu Jacobs set to ft in stage play for 80th birthday



Joke Silva, a veteran actress, has announced that her husband, Olu Jacobs, who has been out of the spotlight for years, will appear in a stage play in December as part of his 80th birthday celebration.

Joke Silva recently revealed on her Instagram page that the stage play titled ‘Holy Child,’ written by Olu Jacobs and featuring them as a couple, was first performed in 1986, 1987, and 1993.

Joke Silva wrote on Instagram, “Olu Jacobs as Joseph, Joke Silva as Mary in the Musical HOLY CHILD written by Olu Jacobs and directed by late Tunde Oloyede.”

The duo’s first stage production through their production company, Lufodo. Holy Child had its world premiere in December 1986 at the National Theatre Cinema Hall 2.

It was performed once more in 1987 and once more in 1993. Lufodo will perform it at Glover Memorial Hall in December 2022. Loading for 80th birthday”

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The announcement has since sent the entire Nigerian film industry and Olu Jacobs fans into a frenzy.

I cannot wait!!! You two were also magical on stage. “You’ve been blessed, my sister,” wrote Yemisi Wada.

“This is pure Grace and Mercy,” wrote one Kemi Mercy. Congratulations, ma’am… It’s already a success, and God bless you and your family. AMEN”

A fan, Monique, wrote
“You Both are the biggest Inspiration we’ve ever had in the Industry, when people say marriage cant work between two in the Creative industry

I’m proud to show them my Mentors, that anything is possible, it’s only a choice. I love you Mama and Papa.”

 Olu Jacobs

A fan, Queen Amina, wrote “Ah, I was a child when this came out. I didn’t watch it sad enough but I remember the ads promoting the play, RMD and Mrs Taiwo Ajayi Lycett featured in it as well.”

We recall Joke Silva spoke out about Olu Jacobs’ health after he disappeared from the film industry for a few years.

During an interview with Chude Jideonwo, the actress revealed that her husband is suffering from dementia, a degenerative disease of the brain.

“He is dealing with issues and it is been going on for a couple of years. It is known as dementia with lewy body, it is a degenerative disease that affects the brain and it is almost like a Parkinson type of disease, it affects the brain and affects the person,…first time i’m saying this publicly….that is what we have been dealing…but the thing is, it is hard on him because he doesn’t understand what is going on and it is hard on us family members as well…we have gone through it over the past couple of years but we thank God….

We have gone through some times and situations recently that I wish i had the old you here so i don’t battle these times on my own but we are grateful for the moment of clarity ….I miss the times we work together!”

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