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Enugu Poll: Ekweremadu Withdraws From Governorship Race, Congratulates PDP Candidate

Enugu Poll: Ekweremadu Withdraws From Governorship Race, Congratulates PDP Candidate



The former Deputy President of Nigeria Senate and Enugu State governorship applicant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party( PDP), Senator Ike Ekweremadu, has withdrawn from the race.

He made this known in a statement he personally issued after meeting with his sympathizers and political associates in Enugu on Thursday.

Following his pullout, Ekweremadu went on to formally compliment the winner of the PDP primary election, Barr. Peter Mba.

The legislator, who rued that his lofty plans for the metamorphosis of Enugu, A Pathway to a New Enugu was sabotaged by backstabbings, high position of thanklessness

Fraudulent political practices, and persecution of his sympathizers, still, noted that the light of political liberation he lit together with his sympathizers, though bedimmed temporarily, would noway be extinguished.

In the last two times, we set out to run for the guardianship of Enugu State. Our charge was to change the narrative in the governance of our state and conceivably inspire other countries in the delivery of emotional governance.

Our stopgap was that this would lead to a total recalibration of governance in Nigeria with Enugu State as a starting point and model.

“ Within the period, we set up a platform with a grassroots base. We named it Oganiru Ndi Enugu. It was properly registered. We entered 77 support groups, which showed uncommon support to our charge.

To show our soberness, we developed and presented our fiat entitled- ‘ My docket for Enugu State A Pathway to a New Enugu State.

We were prepared to deliver good governance that would see to the prompt payment of hires and withdrawal benefits to our elderly citizens.

We pledged to make not just roads, but also super roadways that would connect our borders with other countries and a ring road that would connect our original government areas.

“ We were set to deliver water and electricity to our metropolises and communities as well as impeccable environmental cleanliness.

We said that we’d change the face of tourism with periodic jubilee that would attract the world as well as institutions and installations that would host conferences and events.

“ We promised new Special metropolises that would deliver ultramodern husbandry, healthcare, entertainment, ICT, machine, and sports.

We were determined to give jobs to our people to keep them from the temptation to commit crime and enhance their good as well as secure their future and the future of their children

Our result was to make at least two diligence in each of our original governments in four times. Our frugality would have changed ever.

We had plans to secure our state using digital technology and a well equipped Security and Public Safety Coordination Centre with acceptable force.

We committed to setting up an effective state- funded security outfit and an Enugu State Identity Database to help fight crime.

We were prepared to convey a-list schooling to our kin. We vowed to run a 24-hour administration that would improve administration conveyance. We were ready to make Enugu individuals glad once more.

Unfortunately, as we were doing these, some of our compatriots were busy conspiring and planting landmines to frustrate our deliverance and metamorphosis charge.

We’ve witnessed backstabbings and high position of thanklessness on this trip. Yet we remained focused.
I suppose we’ve fought a good fight to review governance in our dear state.

It’s time to review this trip and take a well- considered decision for the concinnity of our state.

We’ve succeeded in opening the political space for lesser participation. We’ve raised the knowledge of our people and opened their eyes to positive possibilities.

Although these possibilities are moment bedimmed by fraudulent political practices, the light will noway go out and we hope to revitalize the light in mentoring our youth in good governance

Responsible political participation, and finest practice of republic. My dear musketeers, associates, and well- provision, I know you have been staying to hear from me.

You have expressed to me collectively and inclusively your readiness to take a long trip with me to actualise our vision by whatever platform.

I’ve deeply reflected on it all with a good sense of history, including my political history, and the need for the concinnity and peace of our state. No immolation will be too important. thus, I’ve come to a decision.

Please, bear with me if my decision doesn’t meet your prospects. I call for your understanding, Ekweremadu’s statement incompletely read.

The statesman further noted that after consulting extensively with the elders of the party as well as all well- meaning musketeers, he decided to withdraw from the race.

Enugu Poll: Ekweremadu Withdraws From Governorship Race, Congratulates PDP Candidate

After a long and meticulous soul-searching on our benefactions to the development of the PDP, after considering the current security situation in the South East region and the need not to put anybody in damages way by a foreseeable inflammable political terrain

As my ambition isn’t worth the life of any Enugu son or son; after considering that the effects that hold us together as Ndi Enugu will eventually outlast the betrayals of the moment

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After entering assurances from the gubernatorial seeker of our party, Barr. Peter Mba, that he’d integrate our ‘ Pathway to a New Enugu State ’ in his programme and his assurances of the participation of everybody in his crusade platoon and government

I, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, thusly officially pull out from the 2023 gubernatorial challenge in Enugu State. I compliment Barr. Peter Mba and wish him success. It’s time to unite, the legislator added.

He thanked his sympathizers, the people of Enugu State at home and in the diaspora, and the PDP leadership at colorful situations in the state for their uncommon support and goodwill.