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Ekiti Poll: Fayemi, APC Want To Induce Voters With Money – Oni, SDP

Ekiti Poll: Fayemi, APC Want To Induce Voters With Money – Oni, SDP



Ekiti Poll: Fayemi, APC Want To Induce Voters With Money - Oni, SDP

The Social Democratic Party (SDP)has called out the Ekiti chapter of the All Revolutionaries Congress for allegedly asking civil retainers in the state to submit their BVN.

The spokesman of Chairman of the Segun Oni Media Advisory Council, Moses Jolayemi, described the motive as ulterior and suspicious in the wake of an election month.

He said, We’ve it on a good note that the APC- led government of Dr Kayode Fayemi has instructed civil retainers in the State to give their particular accounts details.

We stake a bet that there’s commodity minatory and covert about this move.

Why would a government contend that people have to give their BVN details if it isn’t to either induce the advancing population of the civil service or blackmail them to do their biddings during the election?

Speaking further, Jolayemi noted that they’ve substantiation of the allegation that the government was going around the state trying to mop up choosers ’ cards and the trick

Collecting the BVN details may be another hopeless attempt to insure they arm- twist and commandeer a process that should be fair.

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He noted that the APC- led government is doing everything possible to insure that underhand tactics are employed ahead, during and after the election

It’s no longer news in Ekiti that these are hopeless times for a party that’s on its way out.

They aren’t popular and they’ve resorted to pitfalls, blackmail, compulsion, cajoling and vindinctiveness to insure they cleave to power.

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This is relatively unfortunate and we’re waking members of the public that they should anticipate the unusual in these end times of the APC in the State.

The workers are themselves soliciting us to cover them from the intimidation, importunity and brigandage of these political moochers

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