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Denied S-East From Produce Nigeria President, Is Lack Of Equity – Uzodimma

Denied S-East From Produce Nigeria President, Is Lack Of Equity – Uzodimma



The Imo State governor, Hope Uzodimma, history said the South- East was denied the occasion to produce the coming president owing to lack of equity.

In May, the Peoples Democratic Party( PDP) conducted its special convention, but Atiku Abubakar, who’s from the north, was tagged as the party’s presidential flagbearer.

Uzodimma spoke when he featured on Sunrise Daily, a Channels television programme. There has been a call for political parties to zone their presidential tickets to the south- east.

The presidential primary election of the All Progressives Congress( APC) in Abuja produced Bola Tinubu, an applicant from the southwest.

Speaking history, Uzodimma who’s the president of the APC special convention, said the south- east should produce the coming president but they won’t because of injustice.

From the view of political computation, the sentiment of the people in the south- east is that they earn to produce the president

Because the reason why this power is moving from the north to the south is that the current president is from the north having served for eight times, he said.

The reason the south- east is asking for it’s that when the power came to the south, it went to the south- west and was there for eight times and the coming time it came to the south it went to the south- south and it was there for seven times plus.

The natural thing to do and the justice of the case is that now that power is coming again to the south and since it’s only three geo- political zones that made up the south

It should come to the south- east, having been in the south- west and south- south.

In a situation where equity should be the issue, we( south- east) do n’t need to struggle for it. But then again, you see how it has come.

We’ll continue to hope that one day God will touch the heart of our sisters and brothers to do that which belongs to us.

Uzodimma said the presidential campaigners from the south- east who withdrew from the race to support northern campaigners did so because they hoped to produce the coming president when power returns to the south.

This is what has to be bandied at the party position because it’s a serious matter and we’re dealing with mortal beings then. You can not just wake up and take any decision.

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There are consequences to every action. Those are the effects that will be bandied and commodity must be done, he said.

Utmost of our people( presidential campaigners) then who came from the south- east, when they saw that it’ll be delicate clinching to the ticket, they decided for a northern seeker.

Denied S-East From Produce Nigeria President, Is Lack Of Equity - Uzodimma

The reason is veritably simple because when a northern seeker stays for eight times and also the power will come back to the south; this time around perhaps we the south- east will have the occasion

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