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Comedian Kiekie shows off baby bump as she dedicates a new song to her son



Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori, a well-known Nigerian comedian and actress popular know as Kiekie, has made the world aware that she is pregnant.

The radiant mother uploaded a video to social media that showed off her growing baby tummy as she sang a new song in honor of her son Oluwa-shona-olami.

The song was replete with pleas from the mother, who wished for her child to grow up stress-free and lead a happy, fulfilling life. The aspiring actress dedicated her song to the Akinpelu Girls.

Kiekie exclaimed over her impending motherhood as she shared the video on her verified Instagram profile.

“Look, a mummy is about to emerge. I’ve never fallen inside rain before, Wendy! Bayi, just a little drizzle! Danu Danu, I became pregnant!

You we recalls that during an interview, Kie Kie who is a woman of many parts spoke on her marriage and why she’s not flaunting that part of her on social media.

She said, “I respect the privacy of my family and marriage, and I do my best to show them to the barest minimum. (I) just (do) the basic things when it’s necessary; maybe birthdays and anniversaries. (I believe that) the little one shares, the better

Kiekie also stated that her marriage was not affecting her career because her husband understands the sanctity of marriage.

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She said, “The beautiful thing is that I married a man who understands the concept of marriage, and we have been able to create a balance.

When something is to be done at home, it is not a function of whose job it is but a function of who is available to do it.


When there is something that needs to be done, I just get on it and do it as soon as possible. So, none is affecting the other. I think the baseline here is just to be responsible.”

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