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Brilliant Nigerian lady earns a degree in computer science with 4.97 first-class, receives best student award



Semira Yesufu, a brilliant Nigerian woman, was voted the greatest graduating student overall at Benson Idahosa University in Nigeria after earning a computer science degree with a total grade point of 4.97 over a maximum of 5.00.

Semira Yesufu graduated from Benson Idahosa University in Nigeria with a bachelor’s degree in computer science with an exceptional grade of distinction.

She won the title of top graduating student of the university’s 2021 class thanks to her outstanding performance.

Semira was the second-best student at Benson Idahosa University overall and the top graduating student in the departments of physical science and the faculty of science.

She shared her achievement of graduating with an outstanding grade of distinction on her Linkedin.

”Best graduating student of faculty of science & department of physical science (computer science), Benson Idahosa University,” Semira said.

Salutatorian of 2020/2021 class Benson Idahosa University with a CGPA of 4.97 / 5.00. Alhamdulillah,” she added.

Semira said in an interview with Edugist that she had always wanted to be a top graduate right from when she enrolled in the university.

She stated that she started believing in herself and worked relentlessly towards her goal.

She said she created a list of the grades she wanted to score in each course from her first year to her final year which was filled with  As.

Semira added that the list became her source of motivation, my wall of ambition, serving as a constant reminder of what I was striving for.

Semira mentioned that she faced some challenges, such as being bullied for her smartness and faith as a Muslim but she made sure not to allow it to bring her down.

She said while still a student, she interned at Setraco Limited as an IT technical support intern noting that the experience did not just enhance her technical skills but also provided insight into the corporate world


Teaching her workplace ethics, professionalism, and real-world dynamics beyond the classroom.

Semira claimed that the internship acted as a springboard for her professional life and helped her land her first position as a remote social media strategist at Simplex Code, a London-based edtech hub.

She stated that her goal is to work at Google as a Product Design Lead. She continued, “This aspiration has deep roots because Google’s products, from its well-known search engine to its educational certificate programs, have significantly influenced both my personal and professional journeys.”

Semira said her plan is to build continuous growth and advancement in the product design field by gaining valuable experience and furthering her education which is crucial in shaping her long-term career goal.

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