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Bobrisky Plans To Create “Family WhatsApp Group” For Him And His Fans



Controversial crossdresser and influencer Bobrisky has devised a plan to annoy his critics by launching a family WhatsApp group today. 

Bobrisky took to Instagram to encourage one of his fans to create a WhatsApp group called the “Bob” family group where all of his fans can gist and support one another. It’s not surprising that many people have expressed a desire to be added to the group, as his comment section is flooded with requests to be added to the Bob Family Whatsapp platform. 

“Let someone volunteer his or herself to open a Bob family WhatsApp group where we all gist and support each other.” Bobrisky wrote on Instagram.   

It was previously reported that Bobrisky took to Instagram to reveal his side of the story, in which he was accused of defrauding one of his clients who asked him to promote a hair brand. 

The hair brand had previously threatened Bobrisky online, demanding that he return the nearly two million naira worth of products in his care. 

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Bobrisky responded by accusing the hair brand of defrauding its customers.

Furthermore, he claimed that numerous messages on his phone alleged her refusal to deliver requested items. Bobrisky also revealed that he refused to proceed with the deal because his fans were already complaining and he wanted to avoid future disasters. 

“Many of the vendors we work with are local yahoo, and it’s past time we called them out. You will pay us for ads just to scam our followers.

Priceless hair You have a lot of complaints about you on my dm. People are paying for braided wigs and you will not deliver them. At the end of the day, our fans will call us out for advertising a scam. ”

“Here is my own story! Priceless loves doing sales. Her sales are every week or two weeks. Many people will pay for her sales and when it’s time to deliver, it will take months to respond to customers. Some of them she will block and say they are disturbing her. So one very day, an old lady came to my DM and said she patronizes these very vendors because I’m advertising for her.

I reached out to her. She said she would that I should ignore them. A few weeks ago, she mistakenly sent me 5 wigs. I called her and told her that the hair doesn’t belong to me. She said I should send it back to her. I said okay! The following day, I called her to sort everyone she owns, especially my fans, that if not, I wouldn’t release the hair.

In my next post, I will show you guys the hair dis aunty is calling me out for. ”

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