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BEST AFFILIATE MARKETING TOOLS; If you are trying to earn extra money through affiliate marketing, I will save you a lot of time and effort




BEST AFFILIATE MARKETING TOOLS; If you are trying to earn extra money through affiliate marketing, I will save you a lot of time and effort. I want to talk today about some SEO automation tools.

Affiliate marketing is very popular! Why? Because it can generate a huge amount of revenue and keep doing it month after month. Experts agree, learn affiliate marketing first, do it well, and then develop your own products, not the other way around.

Once you have the online marketing skills, go develop your product! Again simple, you will always need the best affiliate marketing tools in your pocket to get your product there.

So learn the skill first.Let me ask you what you know about Blogging, RSS, Social Bookmarking, Ping, Keywords and ClickBank Sales to get you started.

If you said “I’m a newbie and I don’t know how to squat”, well, that’s perfect! Because without knowing Blogging, RSS, Social Bookmarking, Ping, Keywords and ClickBank you can go home.

No, seriously, stay here with me.Very few gurus will share their knowledge about Blogging, RSS, Social Bookmarking, Pinging, Keywords or ClickBank sales.

Know this though, in the end it will be any affiliate marketing effort you can start to make or break. I know all this why? Because like you, I did it the hard way. Well, it’s over now, so let’s get started.


Google loves blogs because they are often lively with content. The new material added makes them new and Google robots and spiders love new content.

A site with content that never changes takes forever to rank well. Also, it’s easier to update a blog than a website. With me until now. We will!


Stands for “Really Simple Syndication” – this is a format for distributing and collecting content from sources on the Internet. It’s an absolute gift my friend.

Why gurus don’t talk about it all the time is beyond me. Each blog can have its own RSS feed, submit your Blog RSS URL to the directories and RSS tree, you get instant backlinks.

That means other people and websites are starting to follow you. Backlinks are good news, it means there is activity on your blog. Remember that Google’s spiders and robots love new site activity, and when they see links coming to your blog, Boom again, you’re fine.

These are just some of the SEO automation tools you need every day. Great stuff so far right?

Social Bookmarks:

There are big directories out there that accept your URL and information on your site, title, URL, description and keyword tags. Again, this is like putting an ad on your blog in public.

All your relevant information is recorded there, title, URL, description and keyword tags. Which means if you have a blog with the right keywords, you will get caught by one of their directories before it finds your original site.

It doesn’t matter, if the directory ranks well on Google and does the most, you’ll get a big benefit from the extra exposure. When your blog comes to Google via the directory, it always points to your original site by design.

Someone clicks it again and BOOM instant backlinks to your original blog. My God this is wonderful! Well I thought


Another ride here. Ping is a kind of Google spiders and robots. This SEO automation tool checks your site to make sure the link is good. Sounds like nothing big, I know, but think about it for a moment.

This is really just another backlink for you, again, it looks like traffic to Google and Google likes site activity, whether new content in backlinks. Ping is highly underrated but extremely powerful in keeping your URL ranking good.


Well, I can write a book just on that subject. Just know this, if you don’t take keyword research seriously, you are destined to waste a lot of time going unnoticed by Google.

Avoid broad terms altogether! Take the word “money” type it into Google and you’ll see that there are 1.2 billion pages that refer to that term, as well as many monthly searches.

Use quotes (“”) around the word or phrase you’re looking for and you’ll see how many times people search for that exact term each month.

Without using the quotes, say how many pages on Google refer to that word or phrase. If with citations = 100,000 searches per month and without citations = a million pages on Google.

You have a great chance of dominating this niche. This is a great trick that most people who are new to affiliate marketing never explore.

The difference with and without quotes around your keyword or keyword phrase is like a gift to online marketers. By taking the necessary precautions, you can quickly tell which keywords or phrases you are likely to succeed with.

And it’s a gift from Google in my opinion.So now, after all this, are you more confused than ever? Boy, I hope so! No, I’m kidding, of course. What I’m going to share with you is this.

I have personally been on the internet since 1995 and do a lot of affiliate marketing and only now, after all my own research, and I mean endless hours trying to figure it all out, I have found a product that is, in my opinion, a Gift from God.

I mean literally. A real gift for affiliate marketers looking for more ClickBank sales.If you’ve started the adventure in affiliate marketing, then I know exactly how you feel.

How about completely overloaded! Does it seem correct? It drives me crazy even now when I see these guru packs out there. You know those, 25 DVDs etc.

Good sad man, all I want is the right tools! One can’t just cut through the noise and edit out the fluff and hype. Just give me the basic step-by-step tools that will keep me focused and on target.


I’m not an idiot, and neither are you, don’t take 25 DVDs, no, I don’t eat! These so-called gurus who add up to $12,000 in free bonuses are completely out of control. Just EDIT your product and sell me the exact tools step by step.

That’s all I want, that’s all we want!Well my friend, don’t forbid and I mean no, nothing out there will compare to what Peter Drew developed in a program called Brute Force SEO.

Peter is not a great marketing guru, if he were you would have heard his name. He’s a development guy, a software guy. In my opinion, an SEO genius.

The truth is that Brute Force SEO is not one program but a series of programs that come with various SEO automation tools to handle all different aspects related to affiliate marketing. I see it that way, it’s like buying something from Apple.

Apple does not provide any small modules that we hope will work with others. Apple offers the whole package and all related tools. Brute Force SEO is exactly that when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Put all the SEO automation together and you have everything you need in one place to really grow your Clickbank sales.The best affiliate marketing tools are those that address blogging, RSS, social bookmarking, ping, and keywords.

Guess what, Brute Force SEO has all the exact tools you could ever need to get your affiliate marketing program up and running.Remember, it’s all about enjoying your time using the best affiliate marketing tools through automation.


Things like running the top 20 RSS directories on autopilot, building 8 websites based entirely on your query research, submitting your articles to 17 of the top article marketing directories, do you make videos?



This software will upload your video to top 19 video directories and you will get the idea! Like you, I’m afraid of these tasks, but I know very well that they need to be done in order to rank well.

And ranking is everything!The key to all of this is solid automation, the time these programs will save will allow you to work on developing 25 new affiliate marketing programs.

Now you have a very sweet ring for me!I go to bed at night knowing I have 5 new affiliate marketing programs in development while my ongoing programs rank well in search engines and make me money on autopilot 24/7.


If you’ve made it this far, then I truly believe you’re looking for a solution! In my 14 years online, I haven’t seen a more focused program than Brute Force SEO.

It truly has the best affiliate marketing tools anywhere. No fluff, no hype, just solid programs that work for anyone in affiliate marketing!Now here’s the best part, you can actually test it out, and it will only cost you $1.00.

Peter only allows 400 people into the system at a time. There may still be space available. You will have to look and see.


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