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BBNaija season 7: “They can try, they will fail” Netizens mock Khalid as Dotun and Daniella get intimate



Khalid, an ex-Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level Up housemate, has been mocked online after an intimate moment between his lover, Daniella, and another Level Up housemate, Dotun.

A video circulating from Big Brother’s house captured a bedroom moment between Daniella and Dotun, which sparked much discussion on social media.

Netizens mocked Daniella’s love interest, Khalid, after he stated that none of the housemates could take her away.

Many netizens mocked Khalid for having his heart broken by Daniella, whom many referred to as a “national cake.”

hottienikky_16: Whr is Khalid that was saying they can try but won’t get her😂

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soft_steph_30: See as Daniella take fall Khalid hand🤣🤣

onuyema: See his mouth. Just tell us that your heart is broken

nnakifechinedu: So woman dey stain white too 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 , Daniella na cheerful giver

wrldprincecharming: And Khalid is out there begging for vote for her Khalid is punching the air right now 😂

agbadskiii: Long story short; no matter how you satisfy your woman, if you’re not around, she’d still cheat

We recall seeing a video of a rocking duvet in Big Brother’s house, with Level Up housemates Daniella and Khalid under the sheets.

The first video captured specific moments. Daniella was seen making strange noises with an unknown partner, but many assumed he was Khalid.

Another online video showed the duvet rocking on Daniella’s side of the bed, while another Level Up housemate, Amaka, tried to figure out what was going on beneath the sheet.

This development has elicited mixed reactions, with many wishing that BBNaija organizers had themed the show as hooked up rather than Level Up, while others believe Biggie chose housemates with high s3x drive.

Daniella expressed her feelings to Bryan only twenty-four hours after the show premiered in July.

Daniella was caught on camera expressing herself to Bryan, saying she wanted to use the L word but felt it was too soon for her to commit. She does, however, like him.

Daniella elaborated on her personal qualities, revealing what drew her to Bryan after only a few hours in the house.

Bryan, according to Daniella, is a sensible, peaceful, direct, open, and smart individual with much to learn about his personality.

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