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BBNaija Season 7: Phyna and Amaka fight dirty



As things continue to heat up between the housemates, the ‘Level Up’ season could be described as a season of gbas gbos.

It hasn’t even been a week, and housemates are already exchanging words.

In the first house, Phyna and Amaka got into a heated argument.

What could have been a minor misunderstanding between the ladies almost turned into a nasty brawl, but the situation was averted thanks to the intervention of Beauty and Bryan.

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Phyna told her side of the story, saying Amaka told her she wanted to get inside the heads of the other housemates.

This scared Phyna, and she told Amaka that it was impossible to read the minds of housemates.

Phyna ignored Amaka to avoid making a big deal of her words, but the latter kept hammering on them.

Irritated by her constant talking, Phyna labeled Amaka as ‘Manipulative,’ believing that her thoughts were strange and manipulative.

Amaka burst into tears at the thought of being labeled a “manipulator.”

Amaka retaliated with several unprintable words, and a fight would have broken out if not for the intervention of other housemates.

We recall that it had only been 24 hours since the second set of housemates had entered the house, but things had already heated up between the housemates.

Bella and Chichi were almost in a fight over a wager task.

Things between the ladies deteriorated after Chichi suggested a wager task.

Chichi, who wasn’t present when Biggie gave an instruction to a housemate, made a suggestion for the group that Bella didn’t agree with.

The ladies exchanged words in an attempt to draw Chichi’s attention to Biggie’s instruction.

Biggie had mandated that each member of the group demonstrate a distinct talent for the task.

Trying to draw her attention to it, Chichi, who appeared to be the ‘bossy’ type, took offense and slammed her.

Furthermore, Chichi demanded that the group be reshuffled after observing how those who were good at dancing were placed in a group.

Chichi demanded that changes be made, but Bella refused to listen to her authoritative personality.

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