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BBNaija: Celebrity life is hard, everything is expensive – Hermes laments



Hermes Chibueze Iyele, a Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ ex-housemate, has expressed outrage about the skyrocketing cost of goods in Nigeria.

He claimed that because everything in the market has soared in price, he has not been able to find anything that he can afford to buy.

The dancer claimed that ever since he left the BBNaija home, he has struggled with sapa, and it is made even harder when dealers offer him a high price because he is a reality star now.

Hermes said that leading a life as a celebrity is challenging because he has been preparing for his return home but is unable to visit regular markets because bloggers would make a big deal out of it.

Hermes said that it is practically impossible to obtain reasonably priced items that he needs for the setup, even when he attempts to order them online.

The model begged his Coolest Tribe audience for advice on how to get through the task after becoming frustrated.

The BBNaija star posted a video of his wailing on Instagram and remarked, “Omo, Sapa dey everywhere o. Simply said, prices are excessive. How are you two holding up?

Hermes has stated his love for Allysyn and his desire to have a relationship with her after the program, as you may recall.

He made this statement while participating in media interviews alongside Groovy and Sheggz, two other Sunday evictees from the reality series.

The dancer and performer acknowledged that he knows how others would misinterpret his desire to date Allysyn while maintaining relationships with two other women.

Hermes also recalled how, after only two days in the house, he approached her with his intentions but was rejected.

The poet claims that he made attempts to get her up to eight times, but it took her a full four weeks to even consider doing things with him.

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He continued by saying that even though he wants to make the model his third girlfriend, they would need to have a conversation about it since he wants it to be a shared decision.

He stated that they would need to have that conversation because they haven’t had a chance to do so since leaving the residence.

He did, however, add that if it doesn’t work out in the end, they both understand it and would be okay.


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