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APC May Find It Difficult To Campaign With Jonathan As Party Candidate – Umahi

APC May Find It Difficult To Campaign With Jonathan As Party Candidate – Umahi



2023: I’ll Beat Atiku Front And Back If Given APC Presidential Ticket - Umahi

Engr. Dave Umahi, Governor of Ebonyi State, has said that the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, may find it delicate to campaign with former President Goodluck Jonathan as its presidential candidate in the income 2023 general election.

Governor Umahi also said that those who attained the APC form for the Ex-President could be mischievous people whose intentions were to embarrass him.

But the governor said that the success story of his emergence as the Ebonyi state governor in 2015 couldn’t have been possible without President Jonathan and his woman Dame Tolerance Jonathan.

Governor Umahi, who met with President Muhammadu Buhari, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja to present him a Thank you letter from Southeast leaders following his recent visit to Ebonyi

Told State House reporters that it would be another wonder of the world to have President Jonathan in the race for the presidential ticket of the APC.

He said indeed though there have been denials regarding the former President’s rumoured move to the APC, if he ultimately joins the ruling party it would be a material for Guiness Book of Records.

The Governor wondered how the APC would attune its programs and pledges with those of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) under which Jonathan was President.

Asked his perspective on the Jonathan in the race, he said Jonathan is my father and God used him and the woman to make me a governor of the state and so.

Anybody who has done anything for me, I ’ve always remained veritably thankful to similar person and I’ll continue to be veritably thankful to him, the woman for being available and my fortune coadjutor, to achieve that feat.

Presumably if that phenomenon didn’t take place, also the cautions that happed in Ebonyi State, in terms of total elaboration and metamorphosis would n’t have taken place.

So, he’s a man we ca n’t forget, just like Sani Abacha, who created the state and Mr. President. Of course, we have named the airport after him, we have named the light lair after him, we ’ve named the Presidential Lodge after him.

Good intention that we do n’t forget people who have helped us, but on the question of joining, I may not say important about that because I ’ve seen a lot of write ups, denials

But if he decides to join and to run, it will, for me, come one of the prodigies in this century.

The reason is that if you go and see the crusade programs of APC and you now ask President Jonathan to come and run

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I do n’t know what will be our crusade pledges and what will be the stories we ’ll be telling Nigerians.

I believe explosively that he wasn’t apprehensive of the forms and I want to believe that people that are mischievous would have bought the forms to embarrass him.

APC May Find It Difficult To Campaign With Jonathan As Party Candidate - Umahi

But from what I read, he has snappily receded himself from that. But like I said, if that isn’t the case, also the Guinness Book of Records isn’t completely filled up.

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