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After lost his mother to cancer, 18-year-old homeless boy bags Civil Engineering degree from US university



Griffin Furlong, an 18-year-old homeless teenager, beat out his classmates at First Coast High in Jacksonville, Florida to become the school’s top graduate despite difficulties in his scholastic studies.

Griffin Furlong, whose mother passed away from cancer, was homeless for a period of his youth.

He spent the majority of his life moving between shelters and the houses of relatives in Florida, USA.

Griffin Furlong had years of uncertainty before achieving great success in his academic career.

He graduated with a 4.65-grade point average and this performance caught the attention of many in California who started raising funds for him to attend college.

“People from California contacting me, people from Hawaii, it’s really been crazy,” said Furlong of his new-found fame.

In few days, more than $30,000 was raised for him to attend university for his degree.

He says he feels humbled by the overwhelming support he has received from classmates and strangers alike but his focus is now on the future.

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He enrolled to study Civil Engineering at the Florida State University in Tallahassee, United States and after 4 years of his enrollment, he earned a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Civil Engineering.

Griffin narrated that his love for algebra, calculus, and problem-solving in high school led him to become an engineer. He now works as a full-time civil engineer at Atwell LLC.

“A couple of his main goals are to travel to schools to inspire students and fund a scholarship endowment from a portion of his book proceeds to help other homeless students

18-year-old homeless