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After failing Maths in WAEC, lady finally graduates from law university with first-class



The Ghanaian young Lady from Africa Ghana named Naziha Amin Gombillah has fought back to finally emerge as the best graduating student of the law University of Professional Studies (UPSA) after initially struggling to gain admission into the institution in years back.

Naziha Amin graduated with a first-class Bachelor’s degree in Law scoring an outstanding 3.74-grade point out of a possible 4.00, earning her the title of being the institution’s valedictorian.

She also set a milestone at the university as the first law graduate to receive a first-class degree.

Speaking on her journey to achieving outstanding academic success, Naziha Amin narrated that she struggled to gain admission into the university after failing Mathematics in her first West African Examination (WAEC).

She had to resit the examination the following year, delaying her academic progress by a year.

She expressed that not only was it difficult to gain admission, but she also struggled with courses while in school.

“Even at the university level, there were times it got tough,” she said

Another young lady whose mother worked as a cleaner to sponsor her education bags Ph.D. degree in US university

An exceptional Lady named Ana Guerrero has earned a Doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), making her the first in her family to reach such height.

Ana Guerrero and her parent were originally from Mexico. They moved to the United States to explore a better life through hard work.

Since their arrival in Mexico, Anne Guerro’s mother has worked as a house cleaner.

She continued by saying that her father operated a ranch. I had a fairly rural background, and my parents worked for the ranch owners, she recounted.

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Nigerian lady who makes bricks to send herself to school finally Graduates

Speaking of how her mother raised her, she recalled how she was sent to school as a young child by her mother.

She would take me along with her when school was out when I was a child, and that is when I first realized.

She wrote on LinkedIn, “I needed to fully utilize the chances provided to me and denied to her and every woman in my family history.

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