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After 5 years of homeless, single mom now owns her own Restaurant in Ohio US



Brooke Coleman was a pregnant single mother who was homeless five years ago and struggling to make ends meet. She had a desire, though, and was motivated to pursue it, so she wasn’t completely without hope.

She successfully launched her own eatery, Stuffed Enuff, in Dayton, Ohio, the previous year, and her patrons have been overwhelmingly supportive.

I was having a hard time, Coleman admitted to the local newspaper “One evening, as I sat with my family, I made the decision that I would never again put myself in that predicament.

I was confident that if I worked hard, I wouldn’t ever need to return to that shelter. Coleman made the decision to enrol in the culinary arts program at Sinclair Community College.

After receiving the necessary training, she started a small catering operation where she became known as “Chef B”.

After some time, Coleman grabbed the opportunity to open her own restaurant.

It was appropriately named Stuffed Enuff since most items on the menu can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients.

They have stuffed meat, stuffed rolls, as well as stuffed burgers that customers can customize with their choice of stuffing.

Additionally, the eatery serves chicken wings with a selection of 8 dips.

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They also offer a Soul Food menu every Sunday, which is offered as a buffet or for takeout.

Their amazing meal selection and outstanding customer service were especially appreciated by their customers.

Coleman remarked, “I knew I wanted to offer something unique from what any other restaurant was doing.

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