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African 7-year-old girl makes history as the fastest kid in the Nation, Breaks Junior Olympics Record



The fastest child in the country is a 7-year-old African American girl named Dakota White from Dallas, Texas. She recently broke at Junior Olympics national record.

At the AAU Junior Olympics earlier this month, Dakota and her teammates from the Fort Worth-based Xpress Track Club broke the previous mark for the girls’ 8 and under 100-meter relay.

Dakota also established a new record by completing her portion in 59.08 seconds.

Prior to that, Dakota received widespread media coverage last year after Tiktok recordings of her competing in a track meet went viral.

Dakota began working out at the age of 3 under the direction of her father, former TCU wide receiver Cam White.

She simply had insanely good form. Although it wasn’t quick, her form was already ideal. Her father told Fox 4 News that as she advanced, we began hiring her several coaches.

Junior Olympics

Since the previous year, Dakota has placed first in every contest she entered. Dakota also keeps up her rigorous training schedule without missing a day, even during the sweltering summer months.

According to her father, she always makes care to consume a balanced diet and drink a lot of water. Reduce the variety of snacks and meals while maintaining a balanced diet.

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You are aware that children enjoy eating a lot of junk food. Don’t misunderstand me. We restricted what she could eat, but I didn’t take anything away from her,” he added. “She works out a much.”

Dakota is proud of her accomplishments, which include her most recent Junior Olympics gold medal. She claimed, “When I see them, it’s like 100 to me.”

Junior Olympics