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Actress Haddish is raising $25M to open a Black-owned Grocery store in her old Neighborhood



Actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish is set to open Diaspora Groceries to fulfill her long-standing dream of opening a grocery store in her old neighborhood in South Los Angeles.

She has been raising $25 million over the past few years to turn this dream into reality.

Haddish plans to establish an alternative and affordable food market called Diaspora Groceries in the Crenshaw neighborhood of South LA, according to Newsbreak.

Crenshaw is predominantly Black and holds cultural significance, being associated with celebrities like the late Nipsey Hussle and Ice-T.

Although thrilled about her success in the movie industry, Haddish emphasized that the grocery store project holds far greater importance to her.

She believes in the potential impact of the store on the lives of the local community.

The market’s main focus will be on catering to BIPOC individuals, as stated on its website.

While the launch date is yet to be announced, Haddish revealed some exciting features the store will offer.


“There will be specialty things and a normal market and a nonprofit-like educational component, where people can take cooking classes and a financial literacy class,” Haddish said.

“I’m a firm believer that once you understand how money works, once you understand how food works, you become a healthier, happier human being.

And when you’re healthier and happier, the family’s healthier and happier, and the community’s healthier and happier.”

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Haddish has been candid about her past struggles with poverty, having experienced homelessness and food insecurity while growing up as a foster child.

Haddish has been candid about her past struggles with poverty, having experienced homelessness and food insecurity while growing up as a foster child.

She expressed that food insecurity is a personal issue for her, and she hopes her grocery store initiative will make a positive impact on those facing similar challenges.

With her determination and $25 million fundraising efforts, Haddish is on track to create a meaningful and inclusive grocery store that aims to support and uplift her community in Los Angeles.

Learn more about Diaspora Groceries via its official website

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