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61-year-old Texas woman earns high school diploma 43 years later, wonderful



43 years after being forced to quit out, Teresa Ramirez earned her high school diploma.

Midland Texas – For many teenagers, graduating from high school marks a turning point into adulthood.

However, there some adults who never had the opportunity to complete their education.

One Midland woman, though, who was also denied the opportunity, was not going to accept it 43 years later.

Teresa Ramirez, now 61, was only a few months away from graduating in 1980, but for whatever reason, it didn’t happen then.

“I was in high school, and it was my last semester, and I was just going through a lot of things,” said Ramirez.

“I was working and struggling, so I just dropped out. I always wanted to graduate, but things just didn’t go that way.”

It wasn’t until this year that she fulfilled the promise she made to herself. To earn a high school diploma.

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Best of all, she got to graduate alongside her grandson. She’s so happy to have gotten to this point.

“It means a whole lot, because I know my mom and dad wanted me to graduate,” said Ramirez.

“You know, family of eight, they wanted all their children to graduate, and for myself as well.

I just felt like I accomplished a lot, I got my diploma and it’s just awesome. It’s a great feeling.

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