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24-year-old outstanding Man earns two degrees on the same day from two different American universities, making his family proud



After earning two degrees from two different institutions on the same day, a remarkable 24-year-old American man by the name of Darrell Landon Kelly has brought honor to his family and the entire academic world in the United States of America.

On the same day that he received his Bachelor of Law from the University of Cincinnati College of Law in Ohio, USA, Darrell Landon Kelly also earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Xavier University’s Williams College of Business in Ohio.

His acquaintance characterized his extraordinary accomplishment as academic and said that he had gone above and beyond what was required of him by earning a Master’s degree and becoming a lawyer at the same time.

Lisa Kelly, Kelly’s mother, was extremely proud of what her son has accomplished and how she has supported him and his older sister, Jazmone, who is also a medical student.

Kelly’s family who were specially and highly academicians were also proud of his feat.

Although, his mother and aunts all have a Bachelor’s degree, they have never bagged bother Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree at the same time

Among Kelly’s family, his grandmother was reported to have done something extraordinary by returning to university for a Bachelor’s degree at the age of 73.

two degrees

Kelly first learned about the program at Howard University in Washington, DC, that would require him to acquire two degrees, but he ultimately chose to remain in Ohio and shuttle between Xavier University and University of Cincinnati in order to fulfill his desire and save money.

He is tall because he is standing on tall shoulders, his mother said, expressing her joy and pride in Kelly’s accomplishment.

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Kelly thanked his mother for supporting him and guiding him through his studies in his response to his success.

“I need to get up and leave the nest,” she said. She has given me all these things and has been my mentor for a very long time,” Kelly remarked.