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2023: Wike Madness Isn’t Fit To Be Nigeria’s President – Sam Amadi

2023: Wike Madness Isn’t Fit To Be Nigeria’s President – Sam Amadi



2023: Wike Madness Isn't Fit To Be Nigeria's President - Sam Amadi

2023: Wike Madness Isn’t Fit To Be Nigeria’s President – Sam Amadi; Political critic, Sam Amadi has declared that Nyesom Wike isn’t fit to be Nigeria’s President in 2023.

The Rivers Governor had stated that the nation is in a frenetic state and requires a frenetic man to lead. In his response via a Facebook post on Sunday, Amadi said Nigeria isn’t frenetic but is misconducted and dysfunctional.

Theex-Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission NERC master insists the country needs an intelligent strategist and competent director.

“ Nigeria needs a Position 5 leader humble to assess the facts, elect the result, and establishment to execute the result. Madness isn’t firmness. Governor Wike isn’t the right man for the job,” Amadi says.

According to Amadi, like in Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC), if the ticket should go to a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) applicant who has been most outstanding in supporting the party, Wike should get it.

Amadi described the governor as a valorous man who has remained loyal when numerous PDP leaders were running for cover.

Wike is the leading opposition politician in Nigeria. He’s doing to Buhari what Tinubu did to Obasanjo. Wike is a tone- nominated workaholic Governor, basically on account of his infrastructural systems, the assessment reads.

Amadi still lamented that in malignancy of enormous wealth from the confederation account, Wike is contended to be in dereliction in the matters of hires and pensions.

Anyone who can, but doesn’t pay stipend, has failed the most abecedarian test of development”, he stated.

“In the development is about the people. Rivers State and Lagos State should pay the best minimum wage in Nigeria and not owe stipend.

Amadi noted that Wike is great in terms of introductory structure and operation of security, but is lacking in mortal development and civic renewal.

Wike is brash and uncouth. He’s also intolerant, superficial and frequently unstable in his assessment of situations and interventions.

His propensity to abuse others or disparage indeed his associates doesn’t show the emotional intelligence to make coalitions and negotiate metamorphosis.

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The counsel said Wike will be decisive unlike President Muhammdu Buhari whose teetering and lack of firm conduct lead to the current rudderless state.

But his impertinent conduct may compound the challenges and produce unintended negative results.

2023: Wike Madness Isn't Fit To Be Nigeria's President - Sam Amadi

Noting that Wike will be an asset as a Senator, so he can use his madness to constrain the superintendent, Amadi maintained he’ll do a terrible job as a President without the needed simplicity and discipline.

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