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2023: Why I Picked Okowa Over Wike – Atiku Abubakar



Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, has responded to the debate around his selection of Ifeanyi Okowa as his running mate and the rationale for his decision to leave Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State.

He stated, I undertook extensive discussions with many party stakeholders, including our governors, the national working committee, the board of trustees, and other leaders to seek their insights and their wisdom before making the decision.

In these discussions, I made it obvious that my running mate would be a president-in-waiting with the ability to supplant me at any time.

So, the candidate must possess the necessary traits for the position of President. The candidate must be aware of the profound decay that the All Progressives Congress government has caused in our nation

Understand the great suffering that the majority of our people are experiencing and the urgency of ending that suffering, and recognize the crucial role that economic growth and development play in giving our young people access to jobs, hope, and a path to wealth.

In the meantime, Samuel Ortom, the governor of Benue State, stated in a June 29, 2022 interview on Arise TV that Wike and other supporters of the Rivers governor for the PDP vice-presidential ticket

Needed a thorough justification from the party’s presidential candidate for his selection of them.

In addition, he said that after Okowa defeated Wike to become Atiku’s running partner, he had turned to a fast and prayer in order to get God’s guidance.

Ortom remarked that it was remarkable that Atiku could disregard the advice of 14 of the committee’s 17 members who had suggested Wike as his running mate.

I’m waiting for him (Atiku), Ortom added, “because there are more things I expect him to perform.

I had anticipated him reaching out to Wike, who finished in second, but he rejected the consensus among PDP members.

Wike should be the vice president, according to 14 of the 17 members, but in his wisdom, he chose Governor Okowa.

I have no issues with Governor Okowa; he is a wonderful man and a friend of mine. However, if we are in a democratic society and 14 out of 17 people said Wike should get the job

and he (Atiku) gave it to Okowa in his wisdom, I want more justification, and I expect him to speak with Wike first.

But ultimately, I have withdrawn into prayer and hibernation, and I can promise you that I will follow God’s instructions no matter what.

However, Atiku stated that he selected the candidates he believed could deliver from those who were presented to him in an exclusive interview with Arise TV that was broadcast Friday morning.

Wike wasn’t rejected, he continued, and he only chose capable candidates.

I didn’t reject Wike, I chose who can deliver,” Atiku stated. Wike is tenacious and clever. According to precedent, I chose an Igbo as my running mate in 2007.

Even so, I chose an Igbo to be my running mate in 2023. Samuel Ortom, the governor of Benue State, served as the chair of the committee that submitted the three candidates.

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Is choose one of the three people they suggested. People ought to be truthful with me and present the facts.

Atiku stated that the party was in communication with Wike over the possibilities of resolving issues.

2023: Why I Picked Okowa Over Wike - Atiku Abubakar

We are speaking with Wike and trying to make amends, and I think that will happen very soon. In fact, given that we are speaking with him, pretty soon.

We are speaking with his other governors. I have high hopes that we will overcome our internal problem and continue.

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