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2023: Why I Picked Gov Okowa As My Running Mate – Atiku

2023: Why I Picked Gov Okowa As My Running Mate – Atiku



The former Nigeria vice president and presidential flagbearer of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar has named Governor of Delta State, Ifeanyi Okowa as his running mate for the forthcoming general election in Nigeria

Atiku picked Okowa on Thursday to beat the deadline given by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), for political parties to choose their vice presidential campaigners on or before Friday, June 17.

Speaking at the event, Atiku said making a choice between the three names had been a delicate decision.

He described Okowa as a fighter who has learned the art of politics and has been steadily rising to elevation in his state, Delta and PDP as well.

Atiku said “ I held wide consultations with colorful stakeholders in our party including our Governors, National Working Committee, Board of Trustees, and other leaders to seek their inputs and their wisdom.

“ In these consultations, I made clear that my handling mate would have the eventuality to succeed me at a moment’s notice, that is, a President- in- waiting.

In other words, the person must have the rates to be President. The person must have an appreciation of the deep spoilage which our country has been put into by the rudderless APC government

Understands the great suffering that utmost of our people are going through and the urgency of relieving them of that suffering; understands the critical significance of profitable growth and development to give our youthful people with jobs, stopgap, and a pathway to wealth.

The person must appreciate the critical significance of education in the development of ultramodern societies so we can prepare our youthful people to be suitable to contend in the decreasingly competitive and globalized world.

In my running mate must understand that without security, development will be veritably delicate because local and foreign investors who have been spooked away formerly, would not return to invest in our frugality.

therefore, my running mate will be a person who’ll stand by me as a I defy the shocking position of insecurity in our country.

As you know, the APC government went to sleep as huge swathes of our country’s home fell into the deadly hands of gangs of culprits, including those masquerading as freedom fighters or pastoralists

While our growers and genuine pastoralists are unfit to go about their businesses. The costs in precious mortal lives and parcels have been enormous.

My handling mate must also not only emblematize the imperative of reuniting our country but also be suitable to work with me to achieve that ideal.

This is because a united Nigeria is a potentially stronger, more prosperous, and more secure country suitable to lead Nigeria and give stopgap to the Black race.

In addition, my running mate has to be someone who isn’t hysterical to speak his mind and give honest advice, and, be by my side as I work veritably hard to reverse the destructive impact of the once seven times of the APC government.

In the United States of America from where we espoused crucial aspects of our current Presidential system, a handling mate is used to balance the ticket, complement the candidate and, after victory, help the President with governance.

occasionally a candidate is chosen who generates a buzz and adds huge excitement to the crusade.

But moment in Nigeria, we face huge challenges which leave us little room for drama. We’ve to win the choices and get to work incontinently.

My handling mate has to be ready to start working with me, from day one, in addressing our country’s challenges. Nigerians won’t accept anything lower.

That’s why I promised the Governors of our party that my handling mate will come from among them. Our current challenges call for a government that’s largely focused and disciplined.

I’ve sought for the support, guidance, and counsel of the PDP in opting a befitting running mate who meets all or utmost of the rates enumerated over.

The wisemen and pundits of the party, put together by our NWC, have gone fishing and brought home an enviable group of stupendous politicians that surpasses these rates.

Every bone of the recommended persons is a fit and proper individual to hold this office.

While this makes me phenomenon at the pack of bents that abounds in our party, it also compounded my task of choosing a single person from among them.

Atiku continued Let me state that the person I’ve chosen as my handling mate possesses all those linked rates.

He personifies not only the soberness the current moment represents for our country but also the future that our youthful people worry for and earn.

He’s a serving state governor who has demonstrated, in his state and through his conduct, that governance is about service to the people.

2023: Why I Picked Gov Okowa As My Running Mate - Atiku

I know that he’ll not only add excitement to our formerly amped ticket and crusade, but will also help to bring focus, discipline and stability to our government, come 2023.

I’m pleased, thus, to announce then my choice of running mate who’ll help to lead us to victory coming time not only in the presidential election but also in the governorship and legislative choices.

And he’ll be by my side as I work hard every day to give our people with security, revive our frugality, ameliorate education and unite our country.

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He has both Legislative and Administrative gests . Please join me in drinking to the ticket the coming Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency GovernorDr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa.

You know him to be a fighter; you know him to watch about winning; you know him to watch about good governance; and you know him to watch about our people.

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