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2023: It’s Time To Act Now, Obi Says, After Confirms Talks With Kwankwaso’s Camp

2023: It’s Time To Act Now, Obi Says, After Confirms Talks With Kwankwaso’s Camp



The former governor of Anambra State and a Presidential flagbearer of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, on Sunday in Abuja, said it’s once time for prayers alone to salvage the country. This was as he said Nigerians must act now to insure responsible leadership.

The LP candidate who was speaking at a panel session at the Men of Valour Conference themed, Navigating the Corridors of Power The Church and Politics, convened by the Revival House of Glory, Abuja Nigeria.

Contending questions from the followership, Obi said Nigerians have played their religious places enough and thus it’s time to take action by mobilising and advancing for their seeker of choice.

We’ve supplicated enough, it’s time to act. With these people in power? You can supplicate from now until any time, they wo n’t go until you chase them out.

So it’s time to act, not just supplicate. It’s time for us to close the church and deal with these people. Obi also verified that there are indeed ongoing accommodations between the Labour Party and New Nigerian Peoples Party.

Asked about who would be the likely handling mate between him and the NNPP flagbearer, Obi declined commentary saying each I can say is that what he said is correct. I ca n’t say further than that.

The former Anambra State governor also described 70 per cent of politicians in Nigeria moment as fools. According to him, only a lunatic in government would siphon N80bn of the state fund’s for particular use.

He advised that the country would continue to suffer unless these fools give way to competent people. We ca n’t allow this hooliganism to continue, Nigerians should take back their country.

70 per cent of those who are in politics moment shouldn’t have any reason to be there. I’ve said it, politics in Nigeria is a case where fools have taken over the shelter.

I was a dealer and gradationally entered into politics. When you take far further than you need you’re sick.

How do you explain that one person took N80 billion. It isn’t rapacity, it’s sickness. When you take N1bn that’s rapacity but when you take N80 billion, that’s sickness. frenetic people have taken over our politics.

Still, effects will change, he said, If we get youthful people with the capability and capacity to be there.

On whether a third force can wrest power from the important brace of All Progressive Congress and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the LP Presidential flagbearer said Nigerians would decide.

Obi stated, It’s about the people. When I queried as governor in Anambra I did so in a small party. People told me that I had no structure. People are the structure. When I was a governor in Anambra, my party had no state or civil lawgivers.

The former governor, formerly a presidential aspirant in the Peoples Democratic Party, decamped and pulled out of the race on May 25, 2022; days before the PDP primary election which saw the emergence of Atiku Abubakar as candidate of the party.

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2023: Peter Obi Wins Labour Party Presidential Ticket

Shortly later, on May 30, he came the Presidential flagbearer of the Labour Party after Professor Pat Utomi stepped down to hand him the ticket.

Mr Obi continue said; When I left as governor as a governor of Anambra State no state was as financially stable as Anambra. We were not owing anybody. The people will decide who’ll rule them.

2023: It’s Time To Act Now, Obi Says, After Confirms Talks With Kwankwaso’s Camp

Luckily we’ve eight months, let people come and tell you how they’ve started. Come and tell us, do n’t use people or lustrous paper, tell us from your mouth so that we can hold you to regard.

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