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2023: I’m Not Among Aspirants With Fake Promises, Tinubu Says

2023: I’m Not Among Aspirants With Fake Promises, Tinubu Says



2023: I’m Not Among Aspirants With Fake Promises, Tinubu Says

2023: I’m Not Among Aspirants With Fake Promises, Tinubu Says; The Former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu, visited Katsina State on Monday in connection with the forthcoming presidential primary of the All Progressives Congress.

Mr Tinubu who’s also a presidential aspirant under the marquee of the APC met Governor Aminu Masari, the state’s party directors, and delegates to the congress where he solicited their support for him to crop as the party’s candidate in the 2023 presidential election.

He told them that piecemeal from enjoying track records and experience to lead Nigeria, he’d serve the country with all his strength, adding that he’s not among campaigners with fake well wee agendas and pledges.

Tinubu added that if he emerges as the party’s presidential seeker and ultimately wins the presidential election, he’d attack banditry and other crimes.

Others, he said, will include perfecting electricity generation and force, insure the education of all children irrespective of family background, and seeing to the enhancement in infrastructural development of Nigeria.

He also pledged to support husbandry, industrialisation, and move education forward in the country, assuring that ceaseless strikes by university workers would be over.

The APC leader also declared that anybody can be an applicant but not everybody can come a leader or the nation’s chairman.

He said, Anybody can run. Not everybody can be a leader. There are campaigners and there are applicants. I’m a candidate. Whichever way, Nigeria is our nation. God bless this country.

Further applicants in presidential race good for democracy, Tinubu
I’m then to meet you, my sisters and sisters, to supplicate and secure your support for the primaries.

We’ve to carry primaries before one becomes the seeker. You’re veritably important to me for that. I come to unite Nigeria and not to divide Nigeria.

Anybody can run for the administration but not everybody can be the President. I’m extremely different from other campaigners who made fake promise.

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Still, I’ll take care of all the abandoned systems for the profitable development of the country, If I come the president. I’m querying to change the country for good and I say you’ll noway lament giving me your support.

On his part, Masari said utmost of the problems defying Nigeria are man- made and can be resolved. He lauded Tinubu for growing Lagos state’s frugality and reducing the crime rate in the state.

2023: I’m Not Among Aspirants With Fake Promises, Tinubu Says

Governor Masari believed that Tinubu should be given the chance by the APC members and sympathizers going by his wealth of experience in leadership and the way he managed Lagos state as a governor.

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