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200 Universities Can’t Be Enough For Nigeria: Sam Onyishi

the founding father of a new personal university; maduka onyishi university, ekwegbe, nsukka in igbo-etiti government in enugu state



the over two hundred universities in Nigeria now can’t be enough for the high demand for university education and therefore the large population of the country, particularly considering the population within the next twenty years.

the founding father of a new personal university; maduka onyishi university, ekwegbe, nsukka in igbo-etiti government in enugu state, chief SAM maduka onyishi disclosed this throughout an interview with journalists in his enugu state.

onyishi, he’s additionally the chairman/founder of the road transport firm, peace mass transit, explained that with the country’s increasing population and high demand for it, let alone the plain constraints students expertise in gaining admission into public tertiary establishments, the necessity for a lot of universities that might provide quality education to the scholars, can’t be overemphasized.

You we recall that the present population of africa’s most thickly settled country, African nation is 214,783,314 as of Mon, march 14, 2022, supported worldometer elaboration of the most recent world organisation knowledge.

nigeria’s 2020 population is calculable at 206,139,589 individuals at mid-year in keeping with world organisation knowledge, adding that nigeria’s population is admire two.64 per cent of the whole world population.

the population features a demand for education at the tertiary level. onyishi aforesaid his university would build its graduate become employers of labour instead of being job seekers.

people ought to be able to move to faculty and are available out of school; if you get used somewhere, it’s sensible however notwithstanding you don’t get employment, you must be able to use yourself. i think in education for self-sufficiency. that’s the explanation for the locution of our college data, self-sufficiency and repair.

explaining more the entrepreneurial thought of the new university, onyishi said: “i am parturition a foundation for that as a result of it’s AN entrepreneurial university; the arrange is that any graduate of our university ought to be able to run his or her own business, the course the graduate scan, withal.

so if you’re reading history in our university, you must scan history and leave the varsity and be able to use yourself. if you’re reading health sciences or law, you must be able to scan all those courses and be able to use yourself.

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we tend to square measure progressing to teach you of these courses during a manner that by the time you initiate of the university, you must be a professional person which will use yourself. you must be a professional person for wealth creation or history for self-employment or self-sufficiency.

with the continued building of huge infrastructure on the over three hundred hectres noninheritable by the university, though he’s still deed a lot of lands, onyishi aforesaid the middle school maduka school can begin in Gregorian calendar month whereas the maduka university correct can begin its tutorial activities in December, 2022.

i hope to have interaction tough academics and that i have gotten enough infrastructures to require off, he said.

onyishi aforesaid that maduka university boasts of normal gas-powered electricity at intervals the varsity, body workplace, students hostels, lecturers quarters, ict hub, school of law, whereas the middle school has what it takes to run a model personal middle school with a spotlight on quality and reasonable education.

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