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20-year-old Nigerian lady wins global award for being able to speak 11 foreign languages, big achievement



Favour Chisimdi Nwobodo, a remarkable 20-year-old Nigerian woman, achieved history by becoming fluent in 11 foreign languages without ever leaving her country.

Favour Fluent speakers of Korean, Swahili, Shona, Indonesian, Filipino, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, English, and Igbo, Chisimidi is a language prodigy.

Without ever leaving Nigerian soil, she acquired the ability to speak every language.

The 20-year-old prodigy is reportedly currently mastering the Yoruba language, which is widely spoken in South-West Nigeria and certain other regions of Africa.

Favour Chisimidi is not only exceptional in languages, she is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a Medical Doctor.

She is enrolled to earn a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree at the University of Nigeria.

Favour Chisimidi narrated that her journey to achieving her language proficiency was full of tears, worries and doubts but it is worth the struggle.

She marvelled at how she was able to impact the Linguistics sector.

“Wrote my first research article on Linguistics in Business (how Linguistics helps in making businesses thrive) which was submitted to Harvard Business Review,” she wrote on LinkedIn

She also received a global nomination for her work on Linguistics. “On the 28th of September 2022, I received a global nomination under business.

It looked so surreal but then, it was glaring because it beared my full name ” Favour Chisimdi Emerald Nwobodo,” she said.

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She now runs her company where she utilises her knowledge of languages to help businesses across various sectors thrive in new communities.

She claims that the results of her study have improved global trade in Africa. She exhorted everyone to embody their finest selves.

“I went from having almost nothing to being one of the people promoting commerce and industry in Africa.”

I’m not sure who I’m talking to right now, but I do ask that you give your absolute best effort in whatever you do.

20-year-old Nigerian

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