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11-year-old Black girl earning master’s degree, has IQ greater than Einstein



Adhara Pérez Sánchez, a 11-year-old Black Mexican girl with brown skin whose IQ is greater than Albert Einstein’s, is making news for her remarkable intelligence.

Adhara, who is of Afro-Mexican ancestry, has a 162 IQ, a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering from CNCI University, and is presently enrolled in a master’s program in mathematics at the Technological University of Mexico.

Adhara also holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the Technological University of Mexico.

Her dream is to be an astronaut for NASA. According toDaily Mail, Adhara’s parents first noticed her advanced capabilities when she was a toddler.

By the time she was three years old, she could read and write, and by the time she was five, she could solve complicated algebraic equations.

She has a fascination with space and is able to solve problems that even adults find challenging.

Adhara’s passion for learning led her to begin attending classes at the Universidad CNCI in Mexico City when she was just eight years old.

She was able to complete a degree in Industrial Engineering in just two years, an accomplishment that typically takes four to five years.

Her exceptional abilities have not come without their challenges. Adhara was bullied in school for being different, and she struggled with depression and anxiety as a result.

However, she credits her love for space and her dream of becoming an astronaut for giving her the strength to persevere.

Adhara’s achievements have made her a role model for young people around the world, and she has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades.

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She has been invited to speak at events across Mexico, and she has also been featured in international media.

Adhara’s story has also sparked a conversation about the best way to educate gifted children.

While some contend that school acceleration is the greatest option, others think that youngsters like Adhara should be permitted to grow at their own speed.

Regardless of the strategy, it is obvious that Adhara’s extraordinary talents are positioning her for a future of tremendous success, and her parents are committed to helping her along the path at every turn.

Adhara’s dream is to become an astronaut and go to Mars, and with her intelligence and determination, there is no doubt that she has a bright future ahead of her

11-year-old Black

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