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10-year-old African girl rejoices as her books lands huge distribution deals in 250 stores across 5 cities



Nyla Johnson, a 10-year-old author and businesswoman from Rochester, Michigan, is happy that more than 250 Meijer stores in five states are carrying and selling her books.

One of the biggest and most rapidly expanding big box stores in the Midwest is Meijer.

Nyla details an African American girl’s transition from daycare to full-time school in the series’ first book, Nyla’s First Day of Kindergarten.

Readers may journey with Nyla and her friends on their first day of school, from getting to know new people and their teacher to having fun on the playground and reading new books!

Nyla is a fifth-grader at Hugger Elementary in Rochester, Michigan, in real life.

She enjoys using her hoverboard, going roller skating, and playing outside with pals when she isn’t writing or reading.

Another student overcomes disability to graduate with master’s degree

Through their official Facebook page, the University of KwaZulu-Natal honors a remarkable impaired student who earned a master’s degree from the institution.

They stated in their post;

Mr Lungani Mthethwa suffers from cerebral palsy – a condition which affects muscle tone, movement and motor skills leading to physical disability – but it hasn’t prevented him from reaching great academic heights.

Mthethwa received a Masters in Social Science degree from UKZN.

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Mthethwa, an example to other challenged kids, said: “Praying and working hard are the keys to my success.

Not to compare myself to anyone is one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learnt. I exhort pupils to keep working toward their objectives in spite of their impairment. Everything is possible if you have faith in yourself.

At the university’s spring graduation, Mthethwa was one of 15 graduates with disabilities who obtained degrees.


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